Saying Goodbye

December 31, 2014 § 3 Comments

It’s fitting that I’m packing up (most of) the condo on the last day of the year — a year in which was very good in many ways, and a year in which I grieved leaving St. Paul, and my single-girl-in-the-city life. Think: Carrie Bradshaw.


I still have the plant from my aunt Karen (it’s still living and has multiplied again and again!), the red candlesticks from Meg, the old cigar box from Heather, the vase from Emi and Jon, the cookbook from Alex. I’m sure more of you gave me housewarming gifts, but I’m sorry I can’t remember them now. And as I wrap them in paper and bubble wrap, I feel so grateful for having friends who wanted to help warm my home. Which makes me think: I should do that more often for other people.

This condo was so much more than just the place I lived. I bought it by myself. It was the place I learned to be single again. And the place where I nursed more heartaches. I loved waking up in this place, in the full sun. Sitting on the couch with coffee and books well past noon, watching the teenage boys do skate tricks in the parking lot, dancing to Rihanna in my undies (if you don’t dance when you listen to Pon de Replay, there’s something wrong with you).

I remember in college walking with my friend Emilie on the cobblestone streets of Saint Anthony Main, and I said aloud that I dreamt of one day having a condo in the city. With a piano. And fancy cocktail parties. I think I had probably just read The Awakening, and wanted a Southern 19th century lifestyle, but still. I did it.

And now we’re selling it. (Wanna buy it?) When we moved to Fergus, Ben and I planned to keep the condo. Maybe rent it out. Let our future kids use it during college, and then move back to the cities in retirement. I fiercely did not want to give it up. But I started to fall in love with a new home — our little green house on the hill. And when I was here for work, I missed Ben and the animals. And paying two mortgages isn’t super fun.

Ben said, “let’s do what you want to do.” Which is one of the many reasons why I’m so glad I married him. And it took me nearly a year, but I’m ready to say goodbye to this place. So, sayonora good friend. I hope the next owners fall in love with you as much as I did.


§ 3 Responses to Saying Goodbye

  • I (we) am proud of you, Ruthie, for you taking the adventure into home ownership. Thanks for your hospitality there and allowing us to do a few touches to your home. It really has been a special little spot and I know that your giftedness in homyness (is that a word?) will follow you everywhere you go. Blessings on you and Ben in your little green house on the hill! Love, Dad

  • katespadino says:

    Ruth, this makes me so happysad. I loved your little condo full of light. With those long white curtains and red dish on that fabulous table and your open cabinets and the way you recovered those chairs. I am sure your house on the hill is incredible in all different ways. Cheers to the end of a season, and the way you are always brave enough to make room for more. So did you move that beast of a piano or just push it straight off your balcony? ; ) much love, kate

    • firebyfire says:

      Kate! I think I saw this a while back, but I was looking at my blog again today. I know – isn’t it the end of an era? I loved that home so much. It’s still on the market, so I technically still have it, but yeah. Moving on’. 🙂 The piano is still there, and we are going to try our might to move it out when it comes time. Whoo boy. Love you too!

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