The First Snow

November 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Every Minnesotan loves the first signs of spring: the persistant green stalks of grass poking through the dirty snow, the knobby buds on trees, the puddles of water that used to be snow.  I love the great metaphor of spring: a new beginning.

But there’s no denying my love of the first snow.  Waking up to a world blanketed in white is like waking up on Christmas morning and I can’t wait to play.  Winter is upon us, and that first icy precipitation brings the promise of getting stuck at home leaving the Target errands for another day.  It brings the promise of power outages so that candles will have to do.  It brings the promise of communing with neighbors on the sloppy sidewalks.  We trudge together to the corner store for eggs and milk and, on this day only, talk about the beautiful snow.  No matter the first official day of winter.  The first snow marks the advent of a season of romance: of books on the to-read list and hot coffee, of movies and red wine, of bundling up for ice-skating in the city, and skiing in the forest.

I am entranced in this world of peace and quiet until the snowplows come barging through the streets.  And even so, the sound of plow scraping against concrete and asphalt also gives us the promise of making it to the store, to the library, to our friend’s house.  But not to worry; the snow will fall again.

Winter is here.  Let the great romance begin.


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