Pansies vs. Begonias

September 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ah, summer hasn’t quite left us yet.  Like the boyfriend that can’t completely break-up, summer keeps coming back for afternoons of dappled sunlight in the forest and lazy days for denim cut-offs.

I spent most of the day with my dear friend Annalea–brunching at Hell’s Kitchen, walking around Loring Park, and reminiscing about college days at Starbucks.  After I dropped her off for her long road trip back to Portland, I came home, grabbed a blanket, a pluot, and Kafka on the Shore and read in the sunny park.  I came home, only to do the same on my deck and I noticed my sad, ignored flowers.

In May, I was enthusiastic and pragmatic about planting flowers that would do well in pots in the shade.  Last summer I made the mistake of buying strange but beautiful flowers (bells of ireland, love lies bleeding), and they were not happy in such small pots.  This year, I bought impatients, pansies, marigolds, begonias and snap dragons.  I told myself I would be a responsible flower owner and water and prune them and keep a beautiful looking deck.  This did not happen.  The pansies were the first to go.  Poor little fragile things.  The impatients were slightly heartier, along with the marigolds and snap dragons.  I watered them when I remembered, and it is generous of me to say I remembered to do that about once a week.  I slacked off and let the rain take care of business.  I maybe have watered them once in the last month.  As I sat in my 80’s style plastic lawn chair reading and observing my flowers (or what remained of them) I was amazed that the begonias are not only living, but they are beautiful as ever.  They’ve survived a hot summer, without much water or care and they are resilient.  It made me think about the poor pansies who didn’t survive a week without attention.  I’m sorry I neglected the delicate purple flowers, but mostly I’m impressed with the begonias for their heartiness.  I guess a Minnesotan can’t help but like that.  Hmm, I kind of feel a poem budding.  The blog entry isn’t well planned out, but I wanted to share my observation of the day.  After all, it is my duty as a writer to observe the world around me.


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