August 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

The brief trip to see my family was wonderful, and my niece and nephews give me joy like none other.  But, I wanted to get back to my life.  Even in heartbreak, you have to go on living.  Saturday morning brought my first 20-mile run–my longest distance running by three miles.  The first ten were a breeze, the next four were good, the last six were difficult, but I did it, and treated myself to a big breakfast at Elsie’s with a few runner friends.

Not wanting to pass Saturday evening alone in my home, I accepted the Alworth’s invitation to pizza and board games, and spent the remainder of the night (and part of the early morning) with my friend Tsega and her friend hopping from one club to the next.  We hit up the W, Sound Bar, Epic, Envy, and Seven and were carted around by Alex on his rickshaw.  All brand new experiences.  I learned that lingerie now passes for evening wear among the young girls, and while I thought my dress was racy enough (as a car passed by, the girl in the passenger seat yelled, “That’s the dress from Pretty Woman!”), I might have fit in better running around in my bra and underwear.

I’m glad to have such good friends, during this time, and always.


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