August 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

That’s how many words I wrote tonight in two hours!  Had I not had the pressure of meeting with my writing group tomorrow, I probably would have watched Hell’s Kitchen, but I didn’t.  I wrote and I thought of new plot twists and I’m enthused about my book once again.  I tell ya, this book writing is like being in a relationship!  I’m in love with it some days, and ready to give up and go back to my old love, non-fiction, other days.

My marathon training has been up and down (literally!) as well, but for some reason it feels different than writing a book.  No smart comments–I know they are different activities–but they both require a lot of time and endurance, and yes, mental energy.  When I run, I think about running.  I think about my posture and my muscles.  I watch other people run.  I realize I run faster when I’m leading a pack, and slow down when I am following because feel bad about myself.  When I don’t have far to go, my body speeds up.  I now can tell myself to use different muscles when running up hills.  I know it sounds weird, but I literally put my butt in gear when running up hills so I don’t wear out my legs.  I tell myself to relax, stand up straight, forget about the pain, and when I do, I simply run faster.  I won’t say running isn’t physical, but it’s also so much mental.  Monday, coach Ryan said I was a rock star, and I said, “Yeah, I’m constantly surrounded by a bunch of stinky people, and I’m tired.”  I tell my writer friend that he can run a marathon, and he says he can’t.  I guess most days I’d say I can’t write a book.  What’s my point?  I forgot.  Just that they’re both difficult activities.

I’m tuckered out.  Good night.


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