Pizza Farm!

August 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

About an hour and half from the many varieties of pie shops in the Twin Cities, is a farm outside of Stockholm, Wisconsin that sells pizza.  And only on Tuesday nights.  My friends and I decided to make the road trip out to the incredibly popular, hard-to-find Pizza Farm.  I loaded up my car with my girlfriends: Debbie, Jennie and Ashley and we set out on the journey talking about boys and jobs and boys some more.  Highway 35 climbs up steep hills, dips into lush valleys, spoons with the river, and hugs glittering lakes.  Can you tell I was feeling a bit in love with the roadtrip?  The sky was blue, the trees were bright green, and to top it off, we arrived at our destination and parked in front of a picturesque white country church.

At the Pizza Farm, you bring your own utensils, beverages, napkins, and blankets.  They only supply pizza.  But everything is made on the farm.  We ordered seven pizzas, which broke their record for most pizzas sold in one night (360 was their old record).  They said it would be a two-and-a-half hour wait, and while it sounded like a long time, it wasn’t.  Debbie and I took a walk and interrupted some kind of church music meeting at the little white church.  I chatted with Forest about writing.  I took a walk down the pasture, talking to Ben on the phone and picking up rotten onions (in my defense, I didn’t think they were rotten).  Our pizzas finally came out of the oven at quarter to ten, and it was dark by then, so unfortunately we couldn’t see what we were eating, but that didn’t stop us.  I scarfed down four pieces of pizza in about ten minutes I think. One had pesto, one had jalepeno peppers, one with bacon, and one with sausage.  It was delicious, and totally worth the wait.

On the drive back, the four of us girls sang every praise and worship song and hymn we could remember.  We mixed up verses and changed pitches, but no matter.  It was quite fun to have a sing-along.

The Pizza Farm is a wonderful experience, and especially with a large crowd.  I’m all for new adventures.


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