Promises, Promises

August 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

I just witnessed my dear friends Phil and Heather marry.  It was a lovely wedding in a beautiful, historic building downtown St. Paul.  I ended up chatting with a friend for a while whom I almost never chat with, and discovered a friendship.  It is often that I attend a gathering of some kind and reconnect with an old friend.  I’m naturally introverted and have a tiny sense of dread attending parties, but I am almost always pleasantly surprised by newfound friendships and great conversations.

Pastor Mark gave a wonderful homily, the bride and groom served communion which I loved, and the music was beautiful.  I would have stayed into the night had I had a date who I could have danced with, but I was flying solo tonight.  I briefly dated the best man about five years ago, but either he didn’t recognize me, or didn’t care to say hello, and so there was a limited selection of men to dance with.  I should have said hello, but I didn’t.  Cie la vie.

Congrats to Heather and Phil and may they have many happy years together.  I must go to bed, so I can wake up in seven hours to run twenty miles.  Good night, and happy weekend.


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