Red Rose Ruth

August 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s good to be back.  Last night, I arrived home from five days in Delaware visiting my boyfriend and his family.  We flew into a storm and got bounced around, landed an hour late, and drove through flooded streets.  Boy, does it feel good to sleep in my own bed.  But, Delaware was lovely too.

Saturday brought lunch with a friend along the river in Wilmington, and then one of the more unforgettable weddings I’ve been to.  Attendees tail-gated before the ceremony, and held their beer in a beer cozy in the hot sun.  The best man wore a baseball hat, and all of the groomsmen had sunglasses and cellphones clipped to their belts.  Someone laughed when the pastor told the groom that the bride would be the only woman he gets to be with until death, and the bride stared down the wedding goers and said, “See me after.”  Yes, it was an interesting wedding, but still I am touched that people do it at all.  Commit their lives to each other, for better or for worse.  I hope they have many pleasant years together.

Sunday brought a pool party at an aunt and uncles house for Grandma’s birthday party.  The “in-laws” had to play a game to see how well we knew the family (I failed miserably), but I displayed some skill playing Corn Hole, or as we call it in Minnesota, bean bag board toss.

Monday brought six hours at the ocean, at a Delaware State Park.  I was delighted to see dolphins swimming not too far away, and soaked up a little too much sun as I turned into a lobster.  After Frisbee and swimming adventures, we visited Ben’s mom’s aunt’s in a nearby town, and I met Earl Gray!  He is Ben’s adorable great-uncle, and enjoyed a chat and some ice cream with great-aunt Ruth and company.  We finished the night at the Purple Parrot along the boardwalk in Reboboth, where the family enjoyed a lively meal.  This was the first time I’ve met Ben’s brother Ian and wife Becca and it was a pleasure.

Tuesday we spent the afternoon at the other grandparents house for lunch and story telling.  Yes, all in all, it was a wonderful little vacation.

But back to reality.  Today I had running group, but the temperature was 95 degrees and the heat index was over 100.  We only did 6.5 miles at marathon pace today, but at once point I thought I was going to throw up and then I got the chills.  Bad signs for heat exhaustion.  It was pretty much miserable, but I’m alive.  Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.  I’ll just keep telling myself that.

And, last but not least, I have been writing!  That is what this blog is supposed to be about, isn’t it?  I met with my writing group last Thursday before I left for my trip, and I had amazingly come up with 14 pages.  It was a very “incident-rich” chapter, so I might need to create a bit of a timeline and space things out a bit.  When I sat down to write last Wednesday night, I had three big ideas, and I put them all into the span of an evening for the protagonist.  Teacher Ian says it can work for mass market books, but it might be a stretch if it was literary.  But, the good news is that I’m writing and writing somewhat well.  I’m about up to 50 pages at this point, so 1/6 done with a first draft?  It was been a lot of hard work the entire way, and I’m not sure if it supposed to be this hard, but I will keep toiling away.

I wanted to read The Trial by Franz Kafka this weekend, and Ian let me raid his library for the book.  However, instead of picking up the novel, I grabbed a thick book containing all of Kafka’s stories by accident, so I read “The Metamorphosis” on the plane.  I had read this before in college, but I really enjoyed it this time around.  Apparently Kafka was very critical of Jewish culture, and I read it in that light this time, and it made sense.  Plus, it is a fantastic story written quite well.  I think I would like to attempt a short story or a parable someday.  I’m not sure I have a novel in me, but I have lots of little ideas.

This has been a long post, and I have more thoughts, but I will leave them be for now.  Until tomorrow.


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