1:00 Remaining

August 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

The battery icon on my laptop is now red and displaying that it has one hour left of battery remaining.  If I had a little battery icon on my forehead, it probably would be flashing that I have about fifteen minutes remaining.  Right now I miss being in school because I miss the summer break.  For 17 years of my life, I spend nine months in one routine, and then three months of near freedom.  I like routine.  I like to be needed.  I like that people expect me to be at a certain place five days a week.  But part of that routine included a three month break!  The good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I am going to Delaware this weekend to see my beloved boyfriend, and his family.  Hurray!  There will be a cousin’s wedding, a grandmother’s birthday party and a day at the beach.  It shall be lovely.

After a difficult work week, I spent most of Friday night reading, and watching dumb T.V.  Saturday brought a long 15-mile run, a short nap, then baking an incredibly sugary pan of bars.  The recipe included: one German chocolate cake mix, 3/4 cup butter, one bag of chocolate chips, 50 caramels and 1 can of sweetened condensed milk.  I wanted to make something ultra Minnesotan for my Lithuanian friend who is moving back home, and nothing is more Minnesotan than mixing cans and bags of things to create a new dish.  It was a Chocolate Hotdish!  This morning I drove my parents and some friends to the airport for their two week mission trip to Alaska.  When Dad called at 6:09am to say they were about 10 minutes from my place, he joked, “Did I wake you?”  After I dropped the van load off at the airport, and after a long nap, I woke up and sat down to write.  I switched back and forth from writing and reading The Scarlet Letter. I was thankful when my writing friend, Adam, called and invited me to write with him at The Purple Onion.  I jumped at the chance, and am committing to writing 500 words a day, at least for this week.  I think it is a good plan.  While I feel overcommitted to activities in my life, it is really important for me to do something creative and to spend that time writing.  I wrote just about 500 words today, so if I can crank out 500+ tomorrow, I will be quite happy with myself.

And, the other big news of the day, is that I’m thinking about activating my account on Facebook.  It seems I am missing out on parties and concerts.  On Saturday night, I met a fellow LCC (Lithuania Christian College) alum, and we talked about exchanging out stories that we’d written about extensively.  It seemed almost archaic to exchange email addresses rather than just saying: “I’ll friend you on Facebook.”  I’ll give it sometime, but maybe you’ll see me back on Facebook sooner than you thought.

Time to hit the hay.  Goodnight!


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