That’s the way it goes…sometimes.

July 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

All day long I am busy with work.  I am busy calling clients explaining a complex software to them, or fixing problems or finding solutions to their wacky problems.  I know I am using my brain.  I am problem solving!  But…I want something more.  Is it just a generational thing?  I read an article that each generation has viewed work differently.  Work, in general, seems to be an important topic these days.  Here’s how I understand the generational differences (from an article I read somewhere): The generation before Baby Boomers (I don’t remember their official name) didn’t care about taking factory jobs.  They just needed a job.  Baby Boomers didn’t mind taking on the grunt work at a company.  Their goal was to move up the ladder, but they knew they had to start at the bottom.  Gen Xers didn’t look to a job for fulfillment.  Instead they cultivated hobbies!  (This was the era where after school sports and activities were mostly developed.)  The current generation–the Millennial Generation–wants to have a job with meaning.  They want to do something, to make a difference.  They don’t mind taking a lower paying job as long as they are having a positive impact on the world, or at least the community.  I think some of these ideas are from the book: The M-Factor.

Funny I bring this up because I’m not a big fan of labels as they can be limiting.  I don’t want to say anyone completely falls into one generation’s philosophy of “work”.  I’m not sure where I fall, but somedays I’m Millennial. (Like today.)  All that to say, it is interesting to think about how culture changes from one generation to the next.

I like having my hobbies after work.  On Tuesday I met my friend Natalija for Chinese and conversation on just about every subject.  I met with my running group on Wednesday and ran 7.5 of hills.  Today I met my friend Amy for happy hour and chatted about relationships.  I have my writing group every couple of weeks.  I read and write on the weekends.  Every night I talk to my dear Benjamin.  Maybe in all of these activities I find personal fulfillment, whatever that means, if that should even be a goal.  Then, I think, life isn’t supposed to revolve around ourselves.  It’s not about getting ahead or getting published.  The externals don’t really matter in the end.  Maybe the ordinary life can be extraordinary.  Okay, it is getting late, and I’m going to start philosophizing incoherently (if I haven’t already) and that won’t be fun for anyone.

In order to blog about more interesting things, I think I need to be more diligent about reading.  Also, my goal this fall is to pay attention to the primaries.  I usually get so bored by politics, but I think I ought to care.

Time to go to bed.  Good night.


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