Nobody puts Baby in a corner…

July 10, 2010 § 1 Comment

But Auntie Ruthie puts baby in a closet.  It’s true.  My sister Hannah is staying with me this weekend, along with her husband and son.  Sullivan is two and I thought my walk-in closet/sewing room/storage room/laundry room is the perfect size for a Pack-n-Play.  (For those of you without children or nieces and nephews, this is a portable crib.)  Ryan setup the bed in the closet and we tacked up a blanket on the door (because the room is so small, you can’t actually close the door once you have the Pack-n-Play setup).  When Hannah showed him his little room, he just looked at it and shook his head and said, “No, no” and seemed concerned that his Auntie Woofie would put him in the closet.  But, in the end, he went to sleep just fine and roused us at 5:40 in the morning.

I love weekends.  This morning we all had breakfast and went to the farmer’s market for about an hour and a half.  Table after table of bright green cucumbers, mounds of currents glistening like jewels, shiny smooth yellow onions, bunches of lipstick red radishes, leaves of dewy lettuce, fresh yeasty breads and aged cheeses, five-gallon pails filled with purple gladiolas, orange and yellow asters, and a rainbow of other flowers I do not know the names of.  The farmer’s market is always overwhelming and overstimulating with people and colors and smells, but I love it.  Often times, I go and spend a twenty on vegetables I’d never buy in the grocery store, because at the St. Paul farmer’s market, everything is big and healthy and rich in color.  And so then usually I end up with a fridge of vegetables I can’t possibly eat in a week.  I have learned, and this week only bought a basket of crunchy cucumbers.

Then, I took a much needed nap.  When I woke, I made a smoothie and sat outside on my deck reading Trading Up by Candace Bushnell.  I’m not one to usually pick up chick lit, but it is summer after all, and a friend recommended it to me.  I’m about 40 pages in, and not terrible impressed with the writing, the characters or the plot.  So far the protagonist named Janey, a Victoria’s Secret model, is obsessed with becoming friends with the rich socialites of New York so that she can meet the rich men of New York.  She’s a classic Aphrodite: beautiful, dangerous, and worst of all, she knows it and uses her wiles to get her way.  I want to like her, but she lies a lot, and has acted pretty terribly towards her sister.  I might read a little further, because in some way it is entertaining to catch a glimpse of the rich New York lifestyle, even though I’m quite sure I’d never want that.

It has been almost a month since I quit Facebook, and I wondered if I would miss it and want to go back to it.  So far, I don’t miss it a bit.  I’ve really enjoyed not knowing and not really caring what random high school classmates are up to, or what my ex is up to, or if I have enough friends posting little messages on my wall.  I’ve had Facebook for years, but only in the last six months or so was I becoming obsessive with it, and I hated that.  And for some reason, I couldn’t just tell myself not to look certain people up, or spend time reading the latest status updates.  I realized Facebook was not adding to my life at all, and that I needed to quit.  I imagine one day I’ll go back, but I’m really glad I’ve decided to focus a little bit more effort on blogging.  Although it isn’t writing for my novel, it is writing and you never know where your thoughts will take you.

Off to Fasika tonight!  Can’t wait to get my fill of Ethiopian food.


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