Asphalt vs. Concrete

July 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

I know, what a thrilling debate, huh?  After all, I did decide to post something fascinating today.  I only listen to MPR news in my car, and so on the way to work, I get little snippets of news and hear how the stock market is going, and the weather for the day.  The little snippet of news today that caught my attention is the fact that I-94 will be resurfaced this weekend, so they advised no travel on 94.  But there was this debate about asphalt vs. concrete.  94 will be resurfaced with asphalt because it is cheaper and easier to repair, even though concrete would be the better option because it can withstand high density traffic and heavy loads.  But there’s not enough money in the transportation budget so we get asphalt.

After work, I was my friend Grace’s date to our friend Nina’s birthday party.  For her 29th birthday, she wanted her and her friends to dress up in old prom dresses and go to a St. Paul Saint’s game.  Grace and I only went to dinner, but it was an enjoyable crowd of Luther seminarians all dressed up ready for baseball!  Anyway, to bring it full circle, I brought up the asphalt and concrete conversation and who knew, but the seminarians were interested!

I went grocery shopping after dinner and cleaned the house because I have company for the next five days.  I might not blog much this weekend, but  if you must know, I’ll be spending it with my sister Hannah, her husband Ryan and their adorable child, Sullivan.  Then on Sunday night, my friend Erik arrives for a couple days.  I think my commas are all out of place in this paragraph but I’m too tired to fix it right now.

Off to bed I go!


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