Pacing Myself

July 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

I hope no one gets annoyed that I probably blog more about running than I do writing, but I guess I do spend more time running and I feel much more successful at it.  Today we did “marathon pace” repeats.  All of these terms are new to me.  This is the pace we hope to run in the marathon.  I ran faster than I probably should have, but I pretty much kept a 9:30 pace for four one-mile repeats.  Despite my very bouncy water belt (and the bottles that pop off) and my crappy shoes that Marathon Sports sold me, I felt good.  I know I could never train like this on my own.

I just said goodnight to Ben.  He’s an hour ahead of me, and I have found myself adding an hour onto the clock because I’m used to doing that if I give him a call.  On Monday, my day off, I slept in and woke up periodically.  Finally, I decided to roll out of bed at 11:00am (don’t judge) because I thought it was noon.  I was looking at the numbers: 11, but seeing 12.  That was strange.  I’ve never had a long distance relationship before, or at least not for this long.  There are certain benefits, but lately I have a hard time thinking of some.  It really sucks to be far apart, especially when there are misunderstandings.  Those times I just want to be there, but for now the phone will have to do, and the visits every month or so.  I’d like to think that distance makes the heart grow fonder and maybe it does in some ways, but I really think closeness is vital to a relationship.  I’m scheming up a plan to spend a good chunk of time with him.  I’ll keep you posted.

No deep, profound thoughts today.  Tomorrow I promise to write about something amazing!


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