Fire in the sky!

July 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have to be honest.  I missed the big spectacle of fireworks tonight.  I love fireworks.  My grandparents lived right behind the fair grounds in Alexandria, and so when I was growing up, we watched them from their backyard and we had the perfect view.  For years, I was scared of the noise and I stood inside eating a fudgesicle with my dear late great-aunt Jean watching the show, but protecting my eardrums.  I have seen the fireworks in Stillwater, in Hudson, in Minneapolis and in St. Paul dozens of times.  It never gets old.  I wanted to watch them from downtown St. Paul this year, but instead went to a friends’ house for a barbecue.  It was ten minutes to ten, and a bunch of friends decided to trot down the street for a better view of the fireworks shooting off from the Stone Arch Bridge.  But a few of my friends were having a conversation about church and tithing and I’m sorry, but those conversations don’t come along very often.  I like the serious conversations.  I like to know what my friends think.  So I sat there thinking, I’m missing the fireworks, but really, I’m not missing anything compared to this.  And then we did see this strange fire kite thing fly away into the night.  I haven’t seen anything like it.

I love being surprised by the unexpected.  Tonight, my plans were to hang out with my friend Debbie and watch the fireworks from St. Paul.  Instead, we were invited to a friends’ house, and we went and I chatted with an acquaintance I hadn’t chatted with in years.  I had an important, completely honest conversation about relationships with a friend and I’m not sure that would have happened hadn’t it been for the fact we were both in the kitchen making a drink at the same time.  I spent time with people I truly love.  I drove home at 11:30 and had a wonderful conversation with my dear Benjamin.  Tonight has been a blessing in friendship.  My cup runneth over.

We think of fire as destructive.  And it is, and it can be.  But it also can be beautiful, designed by brilliant pyrotechnics lighting up the sky.  Happy fourth, everyone.


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