Summer Solstice

June 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

I love and loathe today.  It is the longest day of the day, or rather the day with the most sunlight.  I don’t take advantage of this by dancing in the street, like the tradition of some countries, but I like that the sun stays up longer than usual.  But it also makes me sad because I know the days will only get shorter and winter will be here again soon.  (Stop yelling at me, already.)  I love the change of seasons, but I really really love summers in Minnesota.  I’m pretty sure one of the reasons Minnesotas are down-right crazy for summer is because it is short and therefore treasured.  My favorite time of year are those first warm days in March, and men walk around town in short-sleeves even though it’s just above forty degrees.  And then summer hits, and we’re all running and biking like crazy, soaking up the warmth and sunlight, knowing it’ll be gone before we know it.

As I type this, I’m recalling that I was practically cursing the heat about six hours ago.  It was my first day of official marathon training and we ran six miles, which isn’t a terribly long distance in my book, but it was hot and humid and we ran in the direct sun.  I soaked through my shirt and guzzled water and wondered if I should just quit then and there.  Of course I won’t, but man, was it hot.  Minnesota summers are like family.  We love them and they drive us crazy.  We’ll talk shit about them, but if someone from California comes and talks smack about the weather, well, that’s it.  Only we can talk like that about our weather.  It’s a part of us.

Why am I being so dramatic?  I don’t know.

Nothing else interesting happened to me today, except I read “Jesus Shaves” by David Sedaris to Ben over the phone.  “He die one day on two morsels of lumber!  He nice, the Jesus.”  Oh, language barriers are always great fun.  Good night.


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